Tipping Suggestions

Suggestion: Tip based on the value of the massage experience vs the price.

Suggested Tip Guide 

30 Minute Massage   $ 5 to $15

60 Minute Massage   $10 to $30 

90 Minute Massage   $15 to $45   

2 Hour Massage   $20 to $60  

Unhappy with massage, $0-$10.  Let your receptionist know.  We'll do our best to make it right!

Tipping is optional but, understand our pricing is geared to make massages more affordable and to make generous tipping easier.  Even with a generous share of the massage fee, our therapist depend heavily on tips. We commonly get customers that state they pay $120 at a resort and our massage is better for less than half the price, so, we humbly suggest the amount of the tip you give be consisistent with the VALUE of the massage experience vs. the price.   Unlike food servers that might have 4 tables at one time, your massage therapist relies solely on you for the time period of service  they provide. The old 15-20% seems fair for restaurants but not massage.  It's your choice.  We appreciate recognizing them as generously as you can.


The value of a dollar saved is lost with poor service